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About Me

I started in fashion at a young age when I drew sketches and sew clothes for my own dolls. As I grew, I used to sketch the dresses I wanted to wear and my mum would take me to a seamstress to have them made, something which was particularly common in Venezuela, the country I grew up in.

​I decided to study Fashion design in Caracas, Venezuela and obtained a BA degree in 1998. Soon after, I started to work in the mass production fashion industry working as the assistant designer for the largest Jeans company in Latin-American, but soon enough, I realized this was not the reason I wanted to go into fashion. I went back and found my passion working for some of the best-known designers for evening wear and bridal design available in Venezuela at that time, including Angel Sanchez, Roy Kandhaya y Margarita Zingg. During this time, I learned most of the couture technique I currently used in dress design and alterations, also assisted in the organization of their fashion shows, and acted as assistant designer for some of their collections. After a few years, I decided to break from the comfort working under their umbrella and go solo to set up my own atelier as an independent designer serving local clients in my hometown.

After successfully building a loyal portfolio of customers, I met the love of my life, my dear husband, and I left everything behind for an adventure to live in other parts of the world soon after having 2 children. We lived in Scotland, Middle East and Africa. We embedded ourselves into different cultures, met some great people making a difference in the world by getting involved in non-profit organizations; and gave me the time to develop another facet of my inner creativity, jewellery design, which provided the freedom to create unique pieces, using different elements, materials and textures. After moving several times and having enough of a nomadic lifestyle, we decided to make one final move and stablished ourselves in Cambridge, where I continued making jewellery and operated a small business selling these unique pieces in different markets around Cambridgeshire. At the same time I started teaching art, design and sewing for both children and adults and founded Gorgeous Little Things.  

After a couple of years in Cambridge and encourage by my adult sewing students, I decided to start my designing & Couture business in Feb 2020, but as you all know, the COVID pandemic hit soon after this and my attention was deviated to help our Health Care workers and founded Scrubs for Cambridgeshire instead. One year after the pandemic, in April 2021, here I am offering my designing and Couture services and looking forward meeting you in our first appointment.

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